Sunday, April 24, 2011


when you read the title, as you are the k-pop fans, what will you feel? mad? angry? nuts?


I just laughed and laughed.

Why I laughed? well obviously, I admit, people loves k-pop so much nowadays. but, it does not mean that we @ k-pop fans, will suicide our self. HAHAHA. I laughed again. durrrh. LOL!

Okay, so this is my opinion, againts the title. The title, is from one of the Malay newspaper, and the main point in the news is, teenagers will suicide themselves because of too obsess with k-pop music. HAHAHA. again, I laughed. =.=

So here, I copy from others, the newspaper show the content of the title
below, is, today newspaper. if you not understand in Malay, I will translate to you.

I do not agree with the reporters. Again, I TOTALLY DISAGREE WITH IT.

So, lets us go to the next topic. Actually, yes, we as a k-pop fans, will use our money in order to buy merchandise or tickets. But, Is there any problem with it? Well, as for myself, I do not use any money from my parents to buy the merchandise. In fact, I before this has worked as a clerk, and the salary I received, I use it. So let me ask you again, is there any problem with it?

At first, I do not understand. The reporters totally blame all teenagers. But, do the reporters ever know that, almost 95% of teenagers in Malaysia, is addicted with western world? For example, Lady Gaga. Who in this world did not know her? I bet, majority of teenagers are more influence by Hollywood, and it is not k-pop.

Well, if they or we obsessed with k-pop, I don't think that is a problem. If k-pop music is much more quality compare to Malay song, do you will choose the Malay song? I do not mean to bash, Malay song. I do not say that I don't listen to Malay song. As matter of facts, I love to hear it. But if we compare, the music, the artist, totally different, as what I mean, the QUALITY. 

So, after you read this, think by yourself. I do not ask you to join us as a k-pop fans. But, to think wisely. Everyone has their own rights to do what they want. As long as it did not break the rules. Lastly, I believes, there is no such thing about WE SUICIDE OUR SELF BECAUSE OF AN OBSESSION WITH KOREA MUSIC. I f there are teenagers suicide, it maybe cause of they have their own problem. K-pop is not the factors. What is more important is, the parent should be more  responsible. the teacher should teach and give a right education. The environment should be safety for the teenager.

This is my opinion. If you disagree with it, I do not care.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

final examination is around the corner!! =.=

Read the title, obviously, and definitely I will talk about final exam. well actually, yes. I'm in middle of final examination week. but what am I doing right now? playing with my lappy. uhuk! I wanna cry. I could not study! I do not have a spirit of having a final exam! help me please.. T_T

I had read one of my friend blogs, a strategy for last minute study. I read and finally found out that, he was using a mind mapping and presentation technique. the thing is, the techniques will need to demonstrate in a group. so, one person will present about other topic, and then the other person will talk about the other topic. For my opinion, I think it is really great idea. since it use the mind mapping concept and they will need to present the topic in a group.

But then, my problem is, I do not have any group discussion! So how am I gonna use the techniques? I'm afraid of failure. I don't want to repeat my paper... wuaaaaa.. I'm in my dilemma. At this time, my mind is blank and I always feel sleepy. Study in degree is really different compare to study in diploma. Yes, I can feel it. 24 hours in a day is not enough for me. And a lot of barriers keep coming into my life. I feel so horrible. I am down. Frustration a little bit. My mind are set to study in last minute preparations. I could not study at  the beginning. My mind will start to be in focus 3 days before my paper. Are you insane?! 3 days before final exam??! To cover 13 chapters??!! omo.... what should I do.?? ottokhe.. T_T (crying in my loneliness)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

cats and loves

do you love cat? or do you are a cats lover? well I am. hehe I wanna share with you my cats. I love cat since I was in the school. before this, I can't pet a cat, because my father dislike it. when I saw a cat at the street, I will call it and play with it. well, now I already has cats. why do I mention 'cats'? well, because, I has 12 cats. yup, believe me. ^^

well, I will share with you, my first cat. I still fresh in my mind, the day, I went back home, and suddenly saw a box in front of my door house. at first, I did see the contents, as I thought, it was an empty box. but then, when I was swept at the porch, I heard baby cats crying. 'miaw miaw' sounds like that. then I look everywhere to find the cats. later, I saw in the box, a mother cat with 3 little kittens. oh soo cute! I've shouted and asked my parent, about the cats. yet, my mom said, the mother cat came to our house 3 days ago, and she deliver the babies in front of our door house. so, my dad said, he felt pity, therefore he pet the cat. I felt so great full and thanks to my parent. starting that day, I always took care of the mother and the kittens.

above, is my first cats. since that day, I asked my mom to buy cats cage, because, there was a bad cat, want to eat the kittens! later, my mom brought one to them.

after that, I put the cats in the cage. I was weird at my cat. the mother seem dose not like stay in the cage. later, I searched in the internet, and found out that, a mother after delivery kitten, would hide their bby because a male cat, will come and eat fresh meat bby. therefore, a mother will find a place where human cannot see their bby. this is for the bby safety. but still, I put them int he cage, and on top the cage, I cover with a big fabric cotton. the cage became dark, and the mother like it.

after a week, the kittens started to walk slowly and play together with their mother. I saw that mother watched her kitten and took care of them. I gave cats food to the mother, and cats milk to the kitten. I also bathe the mother.

this is Gebu, second born, female. :)

this is Ithumb, the youngest, male. :)

 this is comel, first born, male. :)

I called them, Comel, Gebu and Ithumb. the most kitten I loves is Ithumb, the youngest one. he so naughty and cute. he has zorro mask at his face. kekeke

but then, I went back to my college. after 3 months, I went home, I found out that Ithumb died bitten by the dog. while Comel also died, because of car violated it. I was sad, cried and miss them so much. this is their pic before they died. after a day, Ithumb died, suddenly, there was 1 kitten, came to my house. the cat looks like Ithumb, but yet, it was not Ithumb. so I took it, and pet it. I gave her name, 'Tam'

but after 2 weeks the mother was pregnant again. later, she deliver 4 cute babies.

I gave their name, putih, tompok, chicky and belang. but later, tompok was kidnapped. I was sad, and mad with the kidnapper. when I look at chicky, I will miss Ithumb, because they resemble each other. the differnt is, chicky is a female. I was shocked, when mother cat, does not want to care off Gebu anymore. every time Gebu came to her, the mother will shout and mad at her. yet I knew, it is because, Gebu still want to drink mother's milk. but at that time, there are 4 babies to feed. therefore, I gave Gebu milk powder. I pity Gebu, since she lost her little sister and brother.

my mom started to buy things for cat. she also buy another 2 cages for the cats. later, the mother cats pregnant again and delivered 4 little kittens. this time, I dunno what name should I gave, therefore, I did not gave a name to them. but later, 1 died, because of bad health since the day he born. 3 was give to my mom friends. later, the kittens are exchange with another 2 cats, which is Pearl and Snowy. Pearl is female cat while Snowy is male persian cat. as usual, the mother mad and try to expel the cats.

after almost 3 months, my mom bought another 2 cats which is Preety and Putera. the two of them are American Wirehair breeds. both are female and male. 

 later, Pearl was pregnant, and delivered 5 cute kittens during hari raya festival. I watched Pearl delivered the bby. not only that, I also support Pearl, "push push!" kekeke. 

 after around 3 months later, my mom bought another kitten, which is I called 'Suci', an orange persian kitten breeds. when my mom bought it, she was only 1 month old. she is so cute, and yet too much noise, haha. she will shout and make a sound if she want some thing. and now, she 3 months already.

a few days ago, when I went back home, I heard from my mom, Pearl was died because of sickness. I was sad, and yet, her kitten left alone with snowy. I hope, Suci and the kittens will stay healthy forever. I love them so much. :)