Sunday, April 17, 2011

cats and loves

do you love cat? or do you are a cats lover? well I am. hehe I wanna share with you my cats. I love cat since I was in the school. before this, I can't pet a cat, because my father dislike it. when I saw a cat at the street, I will call it and play with it. well, now I already has cats. why do I mention 'cats'? well, because, I has 12 cats. yup, believe me. ^^

well, I will share with you, my first cat. I still fresh in my mind, the day, I went back home, and suddenly saw a box in front of my door house. at first, I did see the contents, as I thought, it was an empty box. but then, when I was swept at the porch, I heard baby cats crying. 'miaw miaw' sounds like that. then I look everywhere to find the cats. later, I saw in the box, a mother cat with 3 little kittens. oh soo cute! I've shouted and asked my parent, about the cats. yet, my mom said, the mother cat came to our house 3 days ago, and she deliver the babies in front of our door house. so, my dad said, he felt pity, therefore he pet the cat. I felt so great full and thanks to my parent. starting that day, I always took care of the mother and the kittens.

above, is my first cats. since that day, I asked my mom to buy cats cage, because, there was a bad cat, want to eat the kittens! later, my mom brought one to them.

after that, I put the cats in the cage. I was weird at my cat. the mother seem dose not like stay in the cage. later, I searched in the internet, and found out that, a mother after delivery kitten, would hide their bby because a male cat, will come and eat fresh meat bby. therefore, a mother will find a place where human cannot see their bby. this is for the bby safety. but still, I put them int he cage, and on top the cage, I cover with a big fabric cotton. the cage became dark, and the mother like it.

after a week, the kittens started to walk slowly and play together with their mother. I saw that mother watched her kitten and took care of them. I gave cats food to the mother, and cats milk to the kitten. I also bathe the mother.

this is Gebu, second born, female. :)

this is Ithumb, the youngest, male. :)

 this is comel, first born, male. :)

I called them, Comel, Gebu and Ithumb. the most kitten I loves is Ithumb, the youngest one. he so naughty and cute. he has zorro mask at his face. kekeke

but then, I went back to my college. after 3 months, I went home, I found out that Ithumb died bitten by the dog. while Comel also died, because of car violated it. I was sad, cried and miss them so much. this is their pic before they died. after a day, Ithumb died, suddenly, there was 1 kitten, came to my house. the cat looks like Ithumb, but yet, it was not Ithumb. so I took it, and pet it. I gave her name, 'Tam'

but after 2 weeks the mother was pregnant again. later, she deliver 4 cute babies.

I gave their name, putih, tompok, chicky and belang. but later, tompok was kidnapped. I was sad, and mad with the kidnapper. when I look at chicky, I will miss Ithumb, because they resemble each other. the differnt is, chicky is a female. I was shocked, when mother cat, does not want to care off Gebu anymore. every time Gebu came to her, the mother will shout and mad at her. yet I knew, it is because, Gebu still want to drink mother's milk. but at that time, there are 4 babies to feed. therefore, I gave Gebu milk powder. I pity Gebu, since she lost her little sister and brother.

my mom started to buy things for cat. she also buy another 2 cages for the cats. later, the mother cats pregnant again and delivered 4 little kittens. this time, I dunno what name should I gave, therefore, I did not gave a name to them. but later, 1 died, because of bad health since the day he born. 3 was give to my mom friends. later, the kittens are exchange with another 2 cats, which is Pearl and Snowy. Pearl is female cat while Snowy is male persian cat. as usual, the mother mad and try to expel the cats.

after almost 3 months, my mom bought another 2 cats which is Preety and Putera. the two of them are American Wirehair breeds. both are female and male. 

 later, Pearl was pregnant, and delivered 5 cute kittens during hari raya festival. I watched Pearl delivered the bby. not only that, I also support Pearl, "push push!" kekeke. 

 after around 3 months later, my mom bought another kitten, which is I called 'Suci', an orange persian kitten breeds. when my mom bought it, she was only 1 month old. she is so cute, and yet too much noise, haha. she will shout and make a sound if she want some thing. and now, she 3 months already.

a few days ago, when I went back home, I heard from my mom, Pearl was died because of sickness. I was sad, and yet, her kitten left alone with snowy. I hope, Suci and the kittens will stay healthy forever. I love them so much. :)

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