Saturday, April 23, 2011

final examination is around the corner!! =.=

Read the title, obviously, and definitely I will talk about final exam. well actually, yes. I'm in middle of final examination week. but what am I doing right now? playing with my lappy. uhuk! I wanna cry. I could not study! I do not have a spirit of having a final exam! help me please.. T_T

I had read one of my friend blogs, a strategy for last minute study. I read and finally found out that, he was using a mind mapping and presentation technique. the thing is, the techniques will need to demonstrate in a group. so, one person will present about other topic, and then the other person will talk about the other topic. For my opinion, I think it is really great idea. since it use the mind mapping concept and they will need to present the topic in a group.

But then, my problem is, I do not have any group discussion! So how am I gonna use the techniques? I'm afraid of failure. I don't want to repeat my paper... wuaaaaa.. I'm in my dilemma. At this time, my mind is blank and I always feel sleepy. Study in degree is really different compare to study in diploma. Yes, I can feel it. 24 hours in a day is not enough for me. And a lot of barriers keep coming into my life. I feel so horrible. I am down. Frustration a little bit. My mind are set to study in last minute preparations. I could not study at  the beginning. My mind will start to be in focus 3 days before my paper. Are you insane?! 3 days before final exam??! To cover 13 chapters??!! omo.... what should I do.?? ottokhe.. T_T (crying in my loneliness)

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