Monday, March 19, 2012

memory SS3, forever remain in Malaysian ELF's heart~

When all of you (readers) read the title, what will be bear in your mind? I know you might said, what is SS3? What is ELF? Okay, let me explain and I hope after this, all of you will know the meanings.

SS3 or, Super Show 3 is the special concert made by Super Junior (Korean group artist) which is the number 3 represents the third time they made the concert. Why I talk about SS3? Why not SS or SS2? Okay the reason is because I went to their SS3 last time. And today (19032012) is the day where we gathered in front of Stadium Bukit Jalil last year.

ELF (Ever Lasting Friends) is the fans name made by the leader itself, Leeteuk when in 2006 where he called all Super Junior fans as ELF. Until today, we believes with the name, and we do called our self as ELF. Basically, the person who will be called as ELF, is the person who only loves Super Junior. An international ELF society has been made where people from around the world can register and be one of them. The reason is to get know and to gather all fans from different country (except South Korea) as to be the registered member which is specially made for an international fans.

Now the story for today, why does I want to recall the memory of SS3? The reason is until today, there is no official statement from SM Entertainment (Super Junior's company) about the official date for SS4 in Malaysia. So we do hope by this year there will be Super Show 4 at here. A Malaysia ELF society has made a petititon regarding this issue as we gather all information including our full name, and address to the point for the company to think that we do serious about this time.

Besides that, we also has made by taking our picture holding the notice "we want SS4 in Malaysia". This petition is for the company that handle the SS3 last time to force SM Entertainment about this issue. This is because, we do afraid if there is no SS4, since one of the member Kim Heechul promised us last time in concert where there will be SS4 in Malaysia.

Our cooperation and determination in order to make this concert become reality is not a joke. This can be prove where all status in social websites by the Malaysian ELF, today 85% talking about their hopes and frust about SS4. Plus, there are also where some ELF keep repeating their status about the memory they got in SS2 and SS3 in Malaysia. People who do not go to the concert will never understand what do we feel. Super Junior gave us hope and our dream come true where me myself got chance to be in front with them and even got chance to hold Cho Kyuhyun hand for a second. 

My last word, I hope and really really hope there will be SS4 in Malaysia. WE WANT SS4 IN MALAYSIA! WE WANT TO SEE AGAIN THE PHENOMENA OF SAPPHIRE BLUE SEA IN MALAYSIA! I hope SM Entertainment can read my blog, and take action to include Malaysia in the SS4 lists. There is still time and we still hoping for a miracle to happen. Plus, this time SS4 theme where WORLD which mean Malaysia should be in list since we happened to watched the SS2 and SS3 in here. 

the hand banners where I got and collect during SS3 in Malaysia

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